Monday, 17 April 2017

Halo Wars 2 Colony Leader

Hello! Its me Kingwhybrow.....Earlier last week 343 Industries and Creative Assembley announced Colony, a new leader coming to Halo Wars 2 in the next update.

Cololny (The Untamed) is a hunter pair that is allied to the Banished leader. Colony only surves Atriox and is in charge of directing all the Banished Lekgolo activities.

The units the Coloney have are very strong indeed, with so many new units available to reek havoc with.

Hunter Captains are superheavy heros, that are deployed by the Coloney. Their massive sheild and think armor make them a stronge contender. Each Captain has a modified siphon beam that drains health from atteckers and protects nearby friendlies. Aka the healer of the group.

Goliath is another superheavey unit that you deploy in areas to protect. Basically is a tank you roll into battle and bulldoze surrounding foes. The ram ability does exstreamly massive amount of damage and stuns the targets, for you to finish off with you other units.

You can see more Units in this short Vidoc.

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