Friday, 21 April 2017

Introducing myself!

Introducing myself:

For those of you who don't know I have recently joined this family in hopes to help grow my YouTube channel and just find people who are interested in my passion for gaming. The platforms I play on are pc and Xbox one and would love to collaborate with anyone who is interested. I mainly play call of duty, league of legends, Overwatch and really any type of games with those same kind of genres.

That is not the only thing I do though. I also can do some basic gfx that is mainly lettering or modern backgrounds for YouTube and I am willing to learn how to things like Twitter banners and Instagram profile pictures. Usually I can have a first draft done in a week turn around but the more complicated ones may have a bit longer to get it the way I like it. With that said I am very able to work with you and get exactly what you want or something very similar. If you are interested in this opportunity then you can personal message me on Instagram or Twitter @ENSGamingNetwork with what you have in mind. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I hope I can be of help to who ever needs it.

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