Thursday, 11 May 2017

Project Cars 2 Has Four different Editions

Project Cars 2 will be available in four different copies: Standard Edition, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Ultra Edition.

Standard Edition 

Game and Case only

Limited Edition Steelbook and Game

Japanese Cars Pack download code (details below)Sticker Sheet

The Collector's Edition
Includes all of the above and adds:
a Season Pass download codea Collector's Edition Boxan E-Sports Live VIP Pass (details below)
a 200 Page Art Booka McLaren 720s Model at 1/43rd scale die-cast model


The Ultra Edition is limited to 1000 copies, includes all of the above and:

Replaces the box with an Ultra Edition box
Replaces the 1/43rd die-cast model with a bigger 1/12th resin model of the 720s
Adds a McLaren 720s sketchbook
Adds and individually numbered cap
Adds a poster signed by the SMS team and Drivers of the SMS-R team

Game Trailer:

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